Essay Proofreading

Why you need essay proofreading and editing?

According to the standard university guidelines, here are 10%-20% marks are given for quality English writing and presentation. Many foreign students do not have complete command over the English language. Some do not have the keen eye to identify their grammatical and stylistic errors. This ends up in a deduction of their marks when they submit their essay or academic paper and affect their grades.

There are many students studying in the UK universities who are not native speakers. Some others need professional assistance and editing of their work before submission. They do not want to have complete writing assistance from scratch but they need some academic support through essay proofreading and editing so that their work looks nice, clean and nearly flawless in terms of language, style, grammar and presentation.

Choosing Edu Academic for essay proofreading is a wise step

Edu Academic’s essay proofreading and editing service the UK ensure that each and every piece of academic text submitted to us for essay proofreading and editing, irrespective of author’s writing and English language skills, is amended and enhanced to the highest academic standards. We strive to make your academic essays an error free and impressive work which make your successful in your course with flying colours.

If you are struggling with your coursework assignments and you feel that there are certain errors and problems in your writing then you need a keen professional eye to go through your work and point our mistakes. We have a team of experts who deal with such kinds of academic essays on a variety of subjects on daily basis. We not just point out your mistakes but also give suggestions on how to improve and rectify them so that you are able to edit your paper and make it perfect before your final submission to make a lasting impression of your work on your course instructor.

Convenient and affordable essay proofreading service

When students want to have complete assistance or help with their essays from scratch then they get the benefit of free essay proofreading and editing. However, it does not mean that we do not pay attention to only essay proofreading work and charge some high rates for it. Our expert editors have a hawk’s eye for mistakes and errors which allow them to improve your essay quickly and efficiently. They have been doing this work for years on a daily basis which has made them competent in this field.

We offer reasonable rates as we know that students are short of funds and providing them expert assistance is our aim. Our pricing model is appreciated by students due to its affordability and high quality.

Our user-friendly system allows convenient placement of an order with us. You can either talk to our customer service or can directly place the order by going to our order page where you can place your order with us. The order can be tailored with individualised instructions to meet your requirements.