The students studying at any educational institution and at any academic level need to undergo extensive course work in order to achieve their degrees. It is a term that has been given to the diversity of activities such as essay writing, research writing, case study writing, book report writing and other assignment writing tasks. Teachers assign these course work assignments to the students with the purpose of increasing their knowledge; enhance their research and writing skills. The students are required to accomplish these tasks by using their study resources, books and online resources. They are required to provide their completed course work assignments within the stipulated time frame.

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In the UK, the students studying at various academic institutes often take up many different courses during their study semesters. They are required to complete at least 2-3 assignments of each course that they take. This means that if the student is studying 7 courses in a semester he or she is required to complete 14-20 assignments. If the students fail to submit these assignments on time there are chances that they may fail their course.

Many of the foreign and even native students also do part time jobs along with the study. This makes it really tough and burdensome for them to manage coursework assignments and work side by side. The stress that they face may lead them to other problems and they are unable to concentrate fully on their assigned tasks. They may end up copying the tasks of other students that are available online and getting into the trap of plagiarism.

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